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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Classroom Management at St. Vincent's

A few more weeks have passed at St. Vincent’s and I already feel like a Cork local. The staff has been so welcoming and the children are calling me “Teacher!” This also means that I am responsible for helping my CT with classroom management. Because I spend most says with the senior infants, I have become more accustomed to the behavior of five-year olds. However, it is clear that my CT’s classroom is composed of a variety of learning styles and some behavioral issues. One student in particular is the cause of much disruption but my CT’s methods of handling and supporting his needs are very insightful.

Unlike a time-out or similar isolation punishment, my CT has setup a thinking desk for this student, which contains manipulatives and books that refocus his energy and boisterous behavior. She has stickers for the student to arrange that plan and organize his activities. During these times I monitor and interact with him. After some time the student is ready to join the rest of the group. My CT is in the process of talking with specialists about the best way to support this student’s needs. Since this process is so sensitive and slow, I think she has done a wonderful job of keeping her class on schedule while simultaneously allowing other students to flourish in their own ways.

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