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Friday, October 7, 2011

Classroom Management in Greece

     The classroom management techniques that my teacher used in her classroom were very similar to those I have experienced in my pre-practicums in the US. The fourth and fifth grade classrooms were much like those in the US, containing children of an age that is full of energy! My teacher had quite a challenge keeping the children inside the classroom as they were very rambunctious. My teacher didn’t believe in a very strict discipline with the students, as she was very good hearted. However, she had a wonderful way of managing the classroom so that the students would show her a large amount of respect. She had a strike system—at the beginning of each class she wrote “3 strikes” on the board. If a student misbehaved, talking out or was disruptive in the classroom, she would write the students name under the strikes with a number next to the student’s name. If the student received 3 strikes then they would have to stay in for recess and have a talk with the gym instructor. The school’s gym teacher was a very intimidating and tough teacher in the school. Many of the students were affected positively by this system. They made sure to behave in order to not lose their recess, a time which they cherished and also to avoid the gym teacher’s scolding.
            My CT would also offer different rewards to the students if they completed assignments well, or if they were being particularly well behaved in the classroom for the day. A long-term reward for the students was giving them an opportunity to have a pizza party at the end of the year. She applied the strike system to the entire classroom. If the classroom misbehaved they got a strike, if they got 3 strikes as a class they wouldn’t be allowed to have the pizza party. My teacher also had a large bucket of candy that she kept behind her desk. She would often give it to the students if they answered a question correctly, or won one of the games that we played in the classroom. I think a large portion of my teacher’s management skills were do to the fact that she treated all of the students in the classroom with respect. She was always optimistic and caring with each of the students in the classroom and it was very evident that the students in the classroom internalized this and so were respectful to her in return.

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