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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Typical Day in Maria Luigia

I currently teach 8 different classes a week with 4 different teachers, so it gets a little hectic at times. Once I step into the classroom I always greet my students and ask them what they did over the weekend to help them practice speaking in English. Then I would have to ask my Cooperating teacher what I have to teach for that class. She would tell me either what she taught already so I can go over her lesson or something random to talk about, for example, one of my teachers wanted me to talk about the emergency service in America. A whole hour on 911, the police and firefighters? Isn't there something else that is more productive? It was mind boggling to me but it was in their textbooks, so i guess it is important for their curriculum. It is hard to always think on the spot of a lesson plan for my students. It seems as if in Italy, teachers do not have a strict curriculum that they have to follow and can do whatever they want in class. I know in America, some schools mandate that the teachers send in their lesson plans weekly to ensure that they are using all the appropriate techniques and teaching the required topics.
It is also very difficult to manage the class because it does not seem like they listen or care about what the teacher is saying. I think they are so used to the teacher talking and them talking over him/her and ignoring what she says. I do not tolerate this at all so it is hard to discipline the students. Looks of disbelief and confusion, take over the students' faces when I tell them to be quiet and that only one person can talk at a time. They are not used to the idea. However, even though it is tough teaching, I love being with the students because it is true, kids do say the darnest things, especially in Italy.

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