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Sunday, May 13, 2012

School Ethos

I feel like there is a great sense of community in this school and I get the feeling that they try to integrate the neighborhood with the school as much as possible.  The first page of the prospectus encourages families to come in and visit the school to see the programs for themselves.  They have multiple weekly assemblies either as a whole school, the upper or lower school, or by year.  According to the prospectus, older students often interact with and assist the younger students in certain activities.  Newbridge is very much focused on structuring education around each individual student to better everyone individually.  Their values include cherishing each child as an individual, making sure everyone has the responsibility to contribute and achieve to their highest potential, and remaining an open and responsive school for the students, faculty, parents, and community.  Every sentence regarding the values of the school begins with “we,” showing the togetherness of the school environment.  Artwork and other student creations cover the hallway walls, showing how proud everyone is of the learning and success that occurs in all of the classrooms.  After-school and lunchtime consist of numerous clubs and organizations for the students to participate in and interact with other students in the school.  These range from breakfast club to hockey, to orchestra.  The students are very proud of their school and could not wait to introduce me to it.

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