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Monday, September 3, 2012

Classroom Management

My class is unique from the rest of school since it is a mixed 2nd and 3rd grade class.  The combined class does propose some challenges.  My CT has had a mixed class before but it is still a struggle to teach two different sets of curriculum at the same time.  The younger girls tend to benefit more because they will participate in some of the older girls assignments and activities.  The younger group is exposed to more material and at times will do work that is above their required level.  Every lesson is not always combined; sometimes my CT will work with one group while the other girls work on independent work.  My CT is very organized as it takes a great deal of organization and planning to keep both groups busy and learning different things at the same time.

While the rules are not displayed around the classroom, each student knows them.  Since my class is on the younger side of elementary and all female, they always want to please my CT and never want to be in trouble.  Their want to please and seek recognition in the classroom helps to encourage good behavior.  There is also mutual respect in the classroom, which also leads to good classroom management.  My CT is very attentive and gives each student her attention when they ask for it – each student feels important in my CT’s classroom.  The community that my CT created in her classroom is very unique and both the students and her hold a special bond.  The community that she has created is something that I hope I can also do in my own classroom someday.  

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