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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Typical Day at Scoile Bhride

One really interesting difference that I noticed about routine at Scoile Bhride is their shorter, more frequent recess-type breaks.  They have a morning, afternoon, and midday break, each 10-15 minutes, and the students eat their lunches in the classroom while the teacher is either showing a video, slideshow, or going through some sort of explanation.  I felt that this method was significantly more beneficial for the students' focus, and even for their teachers' vitality and morale.  However, the climate posed a serious challenge for this method, as it was often cold and nearly always raining.  But students really did not seem to mind:) In fact, it seemed that nobody minded the cold, rainy weather.  Each classroom had its own outside access, and the teacher frequently went outside for various science lessons and nature walks.  I think that this ease and frequency with the outdoors had a very positive effect on the students as well as the teaching staff, and interestingly enough, there was a very positive, friendly, and welcoming attitude amongst the staff at Scoile Bhride, especially towards me, their guest.

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