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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lesson Planning/Delivery

Compared to the intricacy and fullness of the BC template and 3PA+, being at Scoile Bhride was like being on an alien planet.  There was never any schedule written anywhere, and it took me until halfway through the semester to realize that that was because there WAS no schedule! At least not a rigid one.  One day, for example, my CT was teaching the kids about evergreen trees and deciduous trees.  When beginning to write on the board, she could not remember how to spell the word "deciduous," so she asked one of the students to grab a dictionary from the stack and look it up for her.  After some significant struggle, my CT realized that the students' dictionary skills were nto up to snuff, and there was a 15-minute interlude to her science lesson to make room for a refresher on how to use the dictionary.  Then, when they returned to their science lesson, my CT decided that it would be better taught outside among the deciduous and evergreen trees.
The lesson I just wrote about is an excellent example of why the flexibility and free-flowing nature of lesson planning and delivery at Scoile Bhride was really cool and had its advantages.  Among these advantages were the relatability and real-life application of the lessons as well as the    way they engaged the students.  However, there were certainly days were this method had its disadvantages.  Often lessons took too long and overran other lessons, and other times things were forgotten.

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